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Before Arriving at Your Session

Intend, from the very moment you have decided to schedule an appointment, to have clear and direct communication with that part of you that is able to provide healing and information (your "Higher Self"). Your intention to have a great session is key! Once you have made the decision to have a session, your Higher Self is already preparing and getting ready to have a wonderful conversation with you.

Your conscious self needs to be reminded that it will be taking a back seat in this experience. Dolores calls the conscious self the ‘stupid self’ because it thinks it knows everything (ego) and really knows very little. Start repeating to yourself several times a day that you connect to your superconscious easily. “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self” is a great example of what you can say. You can then repeat this intention silently or out loud throughout your day and most importantly, right before you go to sleep at night.
Prepare a list of questions you would like your Higher Self to answer. Don't be shy, really go to town - life questions, health concerns, career and relationship questions, spirituality, life purpose, personal challenges - anything you can think of. These questions should be on the specific side, as opposed to loose and open. Make sure your list is relevant to your needs alone, and not those of anyone else. Include ANYTHING you feel you would like to know. It does not really matter how many questions you come up with, but if your list is rather long, please put them in order of importance.
Every question is respected, and nothing is judged.

Dress comfortably. You will be lying down for roughly 1-2 hours in one position. Avoid clothes that are tight or binding.
You may want to eat a light meal beforehand. Do not eat a large meal or one that is likely to make you sleepy.
Also, avoid alcohol and go easy on the caffeine and stimulating drinks before your session.

No diuretics, please.

Do not invite anyone else to join you in your session. Even though you may feel the need for some support, deeply personal information could be forthcoming during the session that you may not want to share. This is a very private, personal and confidential process with relevance only to you, your circumstances and your life. It is only out of great respect for you that I refuse anyone else in the session room. Any sharing can be made by you once you have listened to your recording and decided what you feel is safe and appropriate to share.
Before you arrive for your session you may want to relax your conscious mind. You could repeat a statement such as, "My conscious mind will stand back and allow clear and direct communication with my Higher Self." This will enable me to more easily calm your conscious mind and let it step back and allow your Higher Self to bring its great compassion, wisdom and knowledge to work.

Additional Prep for BQH

Set up technical equipment for online session:  

  • Set up your laptop/computer. During the hypnosis session, laptop should be propped higher than your head, such that I can see both your eyes and your upper chest. You may need to prop it with books.  

  • Check that your headset with attached microphone (or ear bud with mic) is working with Google Meet. Check that you are not using your computer/laptop's microphone. Meet is the online videoconferencing platform used for online sessions. To access Meet, open the meeting invite for your appointment and click on the google link within the invite.

  • Plug laptop/computer into the electrical wall.

  • If you place your mobile phone on airplane mode, disable all alarms.

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When You Arrive at Your Session



Relax and approach your session with an open, allowing and curious state of mind. This will help you experience the images and sensations of your past life regression. Allowing, instead of expecting and/or analyzing, will be highly beneficial to your session. As soon as you remove any expectations from a pending experience it has the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you as it unfolds.​


Be honest during your interview.

The more clearly I can understand you and your questions, plus their relevance to your life, the easier it is for me to ask the questions in the right manner and with the right emphasis.


Audio recording: There will be audio recording of the session. Listening to the recording is of the utmost importance. The hypnotherapist retains the original recording, but is not allowed to share this to anyone without the client's consent.



 Important: Healing can occur immediately during the session, or it may take a few weeks or months before you feel any change and you may be in doubt. Any doubt or skepticism will completely undermine the work done by Your Higher Self ( The Subconscious ) during the session.

It is important to listen to the recording and feel and believe in what you have received during the session of Your Higher Self, which is especially meant for you. Since the Vibration of Your Higher Self was recorded, you will continue to receive healing every time you listen to the recording.

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After the session

A short conversation about the session itself, what you have experienced and how you perceived the session. It's best not to lie down when you get home, because you have to eat something after the session and go for a trip to "ground" you.
Plan the rest of the day that does not require much concentration or physical hard work.
For three days after the session, you have a direct contact with Your Higher Self, so be aware that Your Higher Self will find it easier to communicate with you through dreams, feelings or meditation. This varies from person to person.

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Questions for Higher Self

Want to get the most out of your session?

Formulating your questions is a very important factor contributing greatly to the quality of your session. You come to a session with a list of questions that you want to ask your Subconscious mind, or what I prefer to call your Higher-Self. These questions can be regarding anything that is important or relevant to you.

Questions tend to be in categories such as: relationship and relational questions. Health issues and healing insights. Contacting departed loved ones, guides, angels, or other benevolent beings in the invisible realms. Past-life inquiries and soul connections. Metaphysical insights.

Help with making major decisions and other life changes. 

Remember, when formulating your questions that you always have free will. Therefore, asking yes or no questions are not the best choice for questions. “Should” questions may be replaced by “what”, “how”, and “where” questions.

Other great questions to ask are to indicate the pros and cons of a situation or dilemma.

Another great question to gain insights is, “what am I to learn from this?” 

Do not worry if your questions are perfect when you come to your session. In the first part of the session, we will be talking about your life and the circumstances that brought you to your questions. We will then discuss the best ways to ask the questions before we go into the hypnotic part of the session. 

The subconscious mind is the gateway to many layers and dimensions of mind, or consciousness, including the eternal. Spiritual experiences during a session are common.

Our mind/consciousness is both uniquely individual to you AND is connected to Everything.

Preperations: Text

Examples to get you thinking

personal power

What did I come here to do?

What does offering my gifts look like?

What fears had been holding me back?

What clearly gives me a sense of deep purpose?

What way of believing am I ready to now evolve?

What can be next on my Spiritual Journey To Do List?

How can I develop and maintain a mindset of abundance?

What else can help me to be more aware of who I truly am?

What used to be and is no longer the place of my belonging?

What message am I uniquely qualified to share with the world?

What ways can I nurture my personal growth and expression?

How can I step away from indecision and step into decisiveness?

What childhood programming must I now completely renounce?

What are some of the greatest lessons this lifetime has to teach me?

How can I make a difference with something I have that others need?

What thought system based in fear must I now completely relinquish?

What can life look like for me when I fully engage my personal power?

What wants to come through me into the world and how do I honor it?

What is the best possible outcome of me changing careers at this time?

What wisdom can be imparted now which will optimize my life’s work?

What inspired ideas have I had that are luring me into deeper focus and action?

In what ways have I benefited from the challenging experiences I had last year?

Why had I resisted aligning to my highest potential, and how do I overcome this?



How can I feel safe during these times?

How do I get the clutter out of my mind?

How do I shift my response to past trauma?

How can I best enjoy my sexuality at this time?

What’s the cause behind the unwarranted discomfort in my...? 

What other areas of my body require greater care and healing?

In what ways has my body been communicating its needs to me?

Which of my chakras need more clearing?  Can this be done now?

What is most needed at this time for the wellbeing of my daughter?

What is necessary in order for the _____ to be completely healed?

How can I bring the feminine and masculine into balance within myself?

What is needed in order for me to enjoy optimum health and immunity?

What feelings have I had that are awaiting exploration, acceptance, and healing?

In addition to this work, what other healing therapies can I greatly benefit from?



What spiritual ties do I have with my partner?

How can I show greater care for myself and others?

What is my unique role in healing my ancestral lineage?

What does my daughter’s Higher Self need me to know?

What’s the next step which brings me to encounter a soulmate?

What does my animal companion want me to know about them?

How can I best support my loved one in their life’s journey now?

In which ways must I honor more deeply my boundaries with others?

How do I go from resentment to love and healing, with greater ease?

What can I do to contribute to society’s wellbeing, and in turn my own?

What is the highest intention that I have in my relationship with my partner?

In what ways can I improve communication and understanding with my parents?

Is there anyone I have yet to forgive?  What can this forgiveness look and feel like?

Which of my ancestors are watching over me? What message do they wish to give?



What is the Soul?

How can I preserve what is sacred to me?

How do I master conscious manifestation?

What is my re-occurring dream a reflection of?

Why do I feel as though I’m just not of this place?

What significant aspect of myself had I lost sight of?

What agreement had I made that warrants a pattern I see?

What possible future mission am I currently setting up for?

Which of my cosmic origins have a great influence on this life?

How do I distinguish between perception (sand) and truth (stone)?

What ritual will help me with what I most need in my life right now?

What’s the significance of the unusual birthmark I have on my thigh?

What significance does the number ___, which I often see, have for me?

How do I prepare myself now for ascension into my next spiritual level?

What have I held in my shadow that needs more of my honest reflection?

What was that strange thing I saw one night when I awoke to look out the window?

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